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Tripaesthetic Inc. is a doctor-oriented health tourism company which is located in Ankara / TURKEY.

We sell the opportunity for rejuvenation that the human race has been searching for thousands of years.

We offer you a journey that gives you the chance to get rid of the negative effects of aging with the opportunities of modern medicine while you are enjoying an amazing vacation.

Our motto is ‘’10 YEARS YOUNGER IN 10 DAYS”.

To achieve that goal we are working with doctors and clinics all around the world in the field of medical esthetic, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry. All the materials that we use are approved by FDA and European and American originated.

In Preventive Medicine field

Check-up services, early diagnosis of cardiological diseases, breast, thyroid, prostate, gastrointestinal cancer’s diagnostic screening packages are available.

Our customers take health care services in executive hospitals on the first two days of their journey. After that they continue their amazing trip that they choose themselves. During the trip they have special guides, interpreters and medical experts whenever they need. On the last day of their trips their controls will be done by doctors and they will return their homes younger and flourish.