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Distance Sales Contract

DISTANCE SALES AGREEMENT: PARTNERS One side of the Tripaesthetic Health Tourism Company (shortly referred to as the Agency) and the other side ..................... .. resident on the address ................. .. reservation owner (Briefly referred to as Customer) have reached a full agreement on the following matters.


1- The subject matter of this contract is the customer's services through with the terms and conditions set out below and reservations, and discounts for hotel reservation and discounts.

2- Domestic tours need to be found near the passengers of the identity card.

3- The airline has been specifically informed by the Agency of the fact that the airline and the type of airplane can be changed by reason of reservation, airline or agency.

4- Meeting time for tours including transportation is half an hour before the departure time on the buses and two hours before the departure times on the plane transportation.

5- The agency reserves the right to make alternative arrangements and changes in the tour program that do not add any additional cost to the reservation owner.

6- INCENTIVE SUBJECT: In case of a situation that is not anticipated by the parties during the contract, war, natural disaster, earthquake, emergency situation, death of the reservation owner, the contract will automatically become null and void. In this case, the obligations of the parties shall mutually end. If the offense arises after the tour starts, the Agency's liability can not claim any other rights and claims, including the Reservation Owner, the Agent from the Agency.

7- In case the required number can not be reached due to the arrangement of Tour or if the above-mentioned coercive reasons arise, the agency has the right to cancel the tour. For reasons stated above, if the agent cancels the tour, the turntoon is canceled and the booking owner informs the owner of the tour for 7 days to start the tour. (The agent can not be held responsible if the tournament starts for less time. In this case, all payments made to the reservation owner will be returned. If it is not possible for the Booking Owner to attend the tour due to his or her first-time relatives' death due to a 10-day common occupational obstructive severe illness (provided that the serious illness is proven by a formal board report from a fully equipped state hospital) or a first-degree close relative, the official written and certified application In case of a reservation, a person with all the necessary conditions may be transferred for the tour.

8- Reservation Owner must inform the agent of the information and documents regarding the person who has the tour attendance cards at least 7 days prior to the start of the tour for the above reasons.

9- In this case, it is the joint responsibility of the transferor and the transferee against the balance and all the additional costs. (The agency can not be held responsible for not catching the transactions of passengers (passport, visa, rebel, etc.) until the tour date).

10-The customer can be transferred to the desired person up to 15 days before the beginning of the reservation date of the hotel. The transferee is jointly responsible with the transfer from the transfer and the costs arising from the transfer. The agency does not have any responsibility for the expenses incurred due to the balance and the transfer.

11 - Booking Owner reserves the right to cancel the booking 24 hours after the start of the tour / accommodation if the booking agent does not inform the agency in writing of the arrival / departure of the tour. In this case, the Booking Owner shall not be entitled to any right or claim from the agency.

12- The customer will be refunded if he / she cancels the reservation until 15 days before the start of the service. If the customer cancels 15 to 7 days before the start of the service, he / she will receive 35% of the travel fee, accepts and promises to pay. The changes made by the consumer are deemed to be canceled.

If the reservation is canceled by the Agency without any fault of the reservation owner, the full amount of the tour fee will be refunded to the Booking Owner. If the reservation is canceled due to any reason, if the reservation is canceled in accordance with the request of the Agency, the rules of the relevant airline company and the national and international aviation rules shall be applied for the transportation price.

13- The Agency may change or cancel the reservation of the hotel which is declared by the registration and announcement in case it is necessary, partly or totally 7 days before the start date of the hotel reservation and 1 day before the special day and / or periods. If the customer does not accept this change, he / she has the right to cancel the reservation and return the full amount paid. In this case, the customer is not entitled to compensation.

14- If cancellation is requested at the time of reservation or early departure of reservations and discounts (except for early reservation travel cancellation insurance), 35% of the service fee is paid until 7 days before the start of the service and the service fee is not accepted to the agency within the last 7 days.

15- Even if the tour / stay, early booking travel cancellation insurance is taken in the early reservation period, the name change can not be made in reservation.

16- In case of canceling the reservation (cancellation of the reservation completely) 72 hours before the date of entry, the Booking Owner shall notify the reservation owner of the amount of the tour fee all are returned. However, cancellation of airline tickets, change of name can not be made and airline ticket fee is not refunded.

17- In addition to the price increases for early reservation period and / or for all periods (except for system-related mistakes), the difference is not requested in the discounts which are called by the facility as the operation is not requested by the customer.

18- In the event of a refund, the invoice must be returned to the agent so that the refund can be made after the invoice is withdrawn. On installment sales, the reservation holder agrees and undertakes to pay debts in the contracts specified in the contract. If one or more installments of the debts are not paid; the agency reserves the right to request the payment of the unpaid installments by giving the owner one more week of additional time if the sum of the unpaid installments corresponds to one-tenth of the purchase price.

19- Payments made by the card are the rights that the cardholder has the institution and that the institution holds the rights.

20- The customer has learned the terms of this contract which will be valid between the parties even if he/she did not sign the hotel reservation contract with call center, mail order, virtual post, money order or EFT for any reasons through catalogue, internet site or advertisements. The hotel reservations contract in this written agreement to take the commitment.

21- The customer undertakes to make a reservation with this hotel and accept all the information about the hotel mentioned in this contract, the web address of the agency and the company sales representatives, and after reading all the necessary examinations, read and accept this contract. The Agency has declared the qualifications of the accommodation facility it promised to make the reservation and the information about the services provided at the accommodation facility based on the declaration of the accommodation facility and the information on the official website of the accommodation and the accommodation and starter standards The agency is not liable because it is not available. Responsibility is solely the responsibility of the accommodation facility. In case the accommodation facility does not carry the prescribed standards or if it can not serve in this standard on the date when the accommodation starts, the agent has the right to reserve and accommodate the customer in a facility of the same standard. If the customer does not accept such a change, have the right to take back.

22- Other Consumers who are not approved by the agreement but who have been registered on the name (booking on behalf of the contract) and who are on the tour have the authority to make contracts for their name with the approval of the reservation, the approval of the contract by the Booking Owner / Contractor confirming the contract, they shall be deemed to have been accepted by them as well as they agree to the terms of the contract. For this reason, other Consumers can not ask for the cancellation of the contract with the reason that their consent to the contract is not found. However, despite all this, if they wish to cancel the contract, the Booking Owner / consumer with the consent of the contractor will be responsible for the entire damage of the agency. The Booking Owner approved by the agreement declares and acknowledges that the names of the other consumers he has contracted on his behalf are correct and that the information he misrepresents is his own responsibility.

23- Reservation Owner, agent, guide, means of transport and facility officials / officers shall observe the rules to be communicated in relation to the purchased tour, other consumers who take part in the tour and 3rd persons shall respect the life, property and comfort. For this reason he will not be able to find any right or claim from the agency.

24- The Booking Owner is under the obligation to monitor and control the goods in his / her possession and is not responsible for the agency or his employees, except for the serious negligence from the goods lost / stolen during the journey. If the agent or the employee is stolen or lost due to a severe defect, the agent will pay the maximum 50% of the transportation cost as compensation. The agent is liable by the reservation owner with a record along with the assets, including the loss of the lady and the stolen money. In the event that the children who will stay free or discounted in accordance with the criteria determined by the Association are found to be inaccurate (such as age), the Booking Owner will pay for these children immediately and completely .

25- The room block is being installed and there is no direct intervention of the agency. For this reason, the agency can not be held responsible for the room allocated by the facility.

26- If the hotel is not canceled without a cancellation, the accommodation will not be refunded. In cases such as death, illness or accident and if the documents of the cause of the accident are documented, and the remunerations of the remaining periods are returned. Any late departure or early departure of the hotel for any reason other than these reasons will not reimburse the remaining time

27- Passports including babies are required for overseas tours. Visa and passport procedures are the sole responsibility of the booking owner. However, if the documents are completely delivered 15 days before the start of the visit, the visa procedures can be followed by the agency. The visa can not be taken due to the consent of the consulate of the country concerned and due to the fact that the visa can not be taken by the person concerned rights. Cyprus flights can not be entered or exited with a driver's license because they are considered to be in the status of abroad. Entrance and exit procedures are carried out with an identity card or passport. Children under the age of 18 are obliged to travel with their parents, otherwise the consent of one of the parties is required.

28- The customer must first inform the hotel of all dissatisfaction with the hotel and then show the hotel as a party to the complaint and the complaint to be filed. In no way, material, moral damages, etc. can not be made through the agency.

29- Ankara Consumer Courts and arbitration delegations are authorized to resolve disputes arising out of the Convention.

30- The contract has been accepted by the parties on the basis that the voucher and attached registration form above (including transportation and payment details) constitutes the contract as a whole and the Booking Owner has read the contract, understands and accepts the terms of the contract and expressly consents to the contract with the free will and the contract was sent to the customer via mail.


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