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Hair Transplantation

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It provides the most natural and permanent result for hair loss in a nonalternative manner. There will also be no side effects because patient own healthy hairs will be transplanted onto his or her head. We, as a team, use FUE technique, which is accepted as the most effective method in hair transplantation all over the world.

FUE technique is easily performed under local anesthesia. It is a process of transplanting the hair follicles called as follicular unit removed by microsurgical method onto the hairless area. Healthy hair is harvested from the back of the head, nape and behind the ear. There will be no scar because it does not require cutting unlike other techniques.

The aim here is to transplant customer own healthy hair onto areas where hair loss occurs or where hair becomes sparse in a way that will give her or him a natural appearance. 2500-4000 grafts can be obtained with this procedure. This means 7500-8000 hair follicle. In order to provide natural outcome and effective treatment, removal of the follicles without damage must be done by specialists who have an aesthetic view about the hairline and direction. Our team with 15 years of experience in hair transplantation will provide permanent solution for your hair loss.

The first 3 days after transplantation is the healing period. It begins to form a scab in the areas where hair is transplanted. Excessive activity and exposure to sunlight should be avoided in order to prevent damage to the hair follicles transplanted during this period. The first hair

washing is done after the third day. Formed scab is cleaned after 7 to 10 days. 60-70% of the hair transplanted will be lost after 3 weeks. Shedding hair between 10 and 12 weeks starts to grow, continuing for one more year. We recommend the use of Priorin intensive capsule for 3 months after transplantation. Priorin capsules shorten the time of hair growing and help develop the quality hair follicles. It offers resistance to hair shedding by feeding hair follicles in areas that have not been transplanted simultaneously.

-Do not use alcohol or cigarettes in three days at the latest and in one week at the earliest before hair transplant operation.

-Stop using aspirin and derivative drugs 1 week before the hair transplant operation.

-Stop using lotion and medication that you had used for hair loss and would affect the hair and scalp one week before the hair transplant operation.

-Have a shower since you will come to wash your hair in the first 3 days after the hair transplant operation

-Should rest by sleeping an average of 8 hours before the hair transplant operation

-Should wear clothes with front zippy, button and comfortable clothes (sweat-like) for hair transplant operation

-Do not have a haircut before the hair transplant operation unless your doctor recommends it

-Should definitely share with your doctor if you have any surgery, chronic disorder or medication(s) you have used for hair loss before hair transplant operation.

-Have a good breakfast before the hair transplant operation. Snack if hair transplant operation is in the afternoon and evening hours.

-48 hours after hair transplantation is very important. Should avoid hitting and rubbing your head.

-Should use your prescribed medications on time.

-Lying type is very important. Should not lie face downwards (prone position) and sideways. Otherwise, may occur swelling on your face and eyes. In the case that this occurs, it is not fearful situation. Return your face and eyes to normal (disappear swellings in your face and eyes) within 3 days.

-Keep away from social activities like bath, sauna, swimming pool and having a swim within one month from the transplantation.

People who is under 18 years old.