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Tripaesthetic Inc. In 2015, It was founded by Dr.Muhammet Özgehan to provide services in the fields of health and health tourism. Since 2017, it has added health systems installation consultancy, turnkey hospital installation consultancy, medical equipment sales and pharmaceutical exports to its fields of activity. It serves Turkey and the entire Middle East market with its offices, clinics, pharmacies and medical warehouses established in Erbil Iraq in 2022.

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To patients from all over the world, especially the Middle East; We offer safe and affordable healthcare solutions at international standards in all branches. Our centers in Ankara and Istanbul work to provide the most accurate treatment with the most competent doctors in the best hospitals of Turkey. With our Erbil diagnosis and treatment center, we aim for patients to receive diagnosis and post-treatment care in their own countries.

"Healthcare at World Standards: Turkey Healthcare solutions"

Erbil Dr. Muhammet Özgehan clinic was opened in 2023 with branches of cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, algology, neurosurgery, general surgery, oncological surgery, medical oncology, urology, internal medicine, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, cardiology, endochronology, aesthetics and hair transplantation. . In addition to diagnosis and treatment services in Erbil, post-treatment care and chemotherapy services are also provided to patients sent to Turkey for treatment.


Tripaesthetic Inc., which carries out project-based exports in the field of medical equipment supply to the whole world, has established the most comprehensive medical sales site in the Middle East with the website it established in 2022. It provides medical equipment within the framework of its partnership with Silver Star Company.

Erbil-based darmman pharmacy and the main supplier of the virtual medicine sales platform is Tripaesthetic Inc.

For this purpose, tripaesthetic inc is the Iraq representative of 30 major medical equipment manufacturers and the Iraq authorized dealer of many pharmaceutical manufacturers.

  • Iraq representation of 30 Turkish medical device and medical equipment manufacturer factoriesadd as many bullets as needed
  • Iraq sales authority of the world's largest international suppliers
  • 2000 square meters temperature controlled Erbil Medical warehouse

  • Iraq representative of Turkey's largest medical liquid factory
  • Iraq sales permit for Turkish, European and American pharmaceutical companies
  • main supplier of darman pharmacy and


"Optimizing Health Service Operations"

"Your Partner for Health System Excellence"

  • "Optimizing Health Service Operations"
  • "Elevating Healthcare Standards"
  • "Streamlining Healthcare Delivery"
  • "Empowering Healthcare Providers"
  • "Navigating Healthcare Innovation"
  • "We plan and provide training for healthcare professionals"

"Health Services Setup and Management Consultancy"

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